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Abrasive Wide Belt Calculator – Build Your Own Wide Belts

For expert advice on sanding belts to suit your particular application please call us on 01273 463677.

Use our wide belt calculators to build your own abrasive wide belts – please enter your substrate, belt width, length & grade/grit size below, and select ‘Get Prices’. You can also use the filter (optional) to find materials recommended for the specific substrates/surfaces[ps2id id=’select-material’ target=”/] which you are working on.

Don’t know your belt size? What Belt Size Does My Belt Sanding Machine Use?

NEW! We now offer an open-coat aluminium oxide designed for soft woods (2920), a zirconia for working on rubber/leather/plastics (R817), a SiC/cork mix for finer finishing on glass/brass/GRP (RB515/RB555), two long-lasting agglomerate materials for polishing/graining on all metals (JG530/PG730), and a yellow felt for finer finishing and buffing/brightening a surface.

Please note that the usual lead time for made to order sanding belts is approx. 7 working days. To confirm whether something is a stock or made to order item please feel free to ask in our online chat.
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