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Specialist advice to reduce your process times and improve efficiency, with the aim of saving you time & money.

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We are surface finishing specialists and as such can offer professional advice for many applications, not only over the phone or via email but we also visit customers in person, to see their applications in person and offer on-site advice. This also gives them the opportunity to try out the tools and abrasives that we offer first-hand, and see for themselves what benefits these would bring to their processes.

Our aim with every visit is to offer the most efficient solution for the job, with the aim of reducing process times, improving efficiency and ultimately, saving customers time & money.

Interested in a site visit? Book in a visit to your workshop with one of our technical experts. We are not content with just supplying the same products at a cheaper price to save you a few pennies, and instead we prefer to review your entire process to identify areas with the potential for more significant cost savings.

If you would like to book a no-obligation site visit please enter your information below or call us on 01273 463677. We operate primarily in the South-East but we can venture to other areas, and if the requirements are suitable we would be happy to do so!

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What Do We Look At During A Visit?

When assessing your production we do not only look at the abrasives which you use, we instead look at multiple areas including:

Air Supply
Is your compressor sufficient for your requirements? Is it performing at its optimal level? Is it providing a suitable quality of clean, lubricated air?

Air Lines & Fittings
Are the air lines designed to provide a sufficient air supply to run your tools? Are the plugs & couplings suited to the required air pressure or are they starving your tools of power?

Are you using the right tools for the job, or is there a quicker way to achieve the desired result more efficiently and at a lower overall cost? Are the tools in optimal condition?

Are these the best products for your application, or are there alternatives which can save your operators time and cut out some stages of the process, therefore reducing production costs?

Health & Safety
Are there sufficient measures in place to minimise operator exposure to the dangers of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and dust inhalation?

Operators are limited to how much hand-arm vibration they can be exposed to on a daily basis. If the tools which they use carry too high a vibration level then they will very quickly reach this limit, which will take them out of action and could severely impact production. However, ignoring vibration exposure limits can have even more costly ramifications as it makes employers liable to legal action both from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the employee(s) concerned should they suffer any health issues as a result of this.

Exposure to dust inhalation is also a very important risk factor. It is therefore essential to have the appropriate extraction systems in place to minimise the release of dusts into the air which could cause long-term health issues if inhaled; these could be respiratory diseases such as asthma and lung damage, or even more serious conditions including lung cancer if exposed to known carcinogens such as chromium.