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Reserve & Consignment Stock

We offer both reserve and consignment stock options to our customers where next or same day stock availability is an absolute necessity.

To express an interest in one of these options please call on 01273 463677 or email us at sales@saic-uk.co.uk.

Reserve Stock

  • Stock is held on our shelf under special product codes.
  • These are then “reserved” for the sole use of the designated customer to order as and when needed.
  • With next-day delivery the goods can be received within 24 hours of ordering.
  • This eliminates the need to wait for the usual manufacturing lead times.

Consignment Stock

  • Products are held at the customer’s site for immediate access as and when needed.
  • Running out of stock will become a thing of the past, with extra stock being available from our unit if this is used in conjunction with reserve stock.
  • Customers will only pay for the items which are used during that particular month.
  • Only one invoice will be received, at the end of each month.
  • This will be based on a monthly stock check in person by our technical sales manager, who will liaise directly with the customer to handle any queries, demonstrate new products, or help in any other way that is required.
  • All relevant products will then be re-stocked subsequently to this visit, ready to start the new month.
  • Consignment customers will benefit from the best pricing which we have to offer, based on month-to-month usage rather than single box pricing.