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Narrow & wide belts made to any size & specification. Use our belt calculators to order your own custom belts.

Specialist advice to reduce your process times and improve efficiency, with the aim of saving you time & money.

Send us your air tools for servicing to get them back up and running as good as new, with free advice on preventative maintenance.


Our Services

We offer specialist advice for many applications, both over the phone and via email. We also visit customers on site to see their requirements in person and provide the most efficient process for the job, with the aim of reducing process times and improving efficiency and ultimately, saving them time & money.

Interested in a site visit? Our sales engineers are happy to come to your premises, and will offer friendly first-hand advice and put the right tool with the right abrasive in your hand so you can see the benefits for yourself! Please complete our form to express interest in a visit.
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Industrial Tools

We are a distributor of high-performance industrial tools, both pneumatic & electric. We operate DynaShop, the most well known website for Dynabrade tools, spares and accessories in the UK, and we also supply Chicago Pneumatic, Fein, ATA, Mirka and Universal Tools.

We are experts in surface finishing, and offer professional advice for applications in many industries and on all substrates including metal, wood, composites, stone and glass. From blending a weld seam, or graining sheets of stainless steel, to finishing the hull of a boat, we can offer the best solution for the job. This includes not only the machine itself but a complete process, right from the compressor and air line on one end, through to the abrasive on the other.

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Tool Servicing

We offer a popular tool repair service to get both electric & pneumatic machines back up and running at their optimal performance. Tools are stripped down & the parts inspected by manufacturer authorised engineers, after which a quotation is issued, and work is carried out on authorisation from the customer.

Once repaired the RPM speed and vibration levels are recorded, with the results recorded in our database where we maintain an inventory list and history chart per customer. Preventative maintenance advice is also provided to maximise tool life moving forward.

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Sanding Belt Calculator

Use our popular Sanding Belt Calculator to get your belts custom made in the best material for your job, with various types available for any application.

  • Any size belt made to order, for sanding/grinding any workpiece
  • Heavy X-weight or flexible aluminium oxide for sanding soft & hard woods
  • High-quality zirconia and ceramic materials for grinding various metals (with optional topsize layer for cooler grinding on stainless
  • Wet/dry silicon carbide for sanding glass, stone and GRP, including a cork mix in the higher grades for finer finishing
  • Surface conditioning, non-woven material, or “scotch-brite”, for finer finishing on mild/stainless steel
  • Trizact, which is a well known type of belt that has a tri-dimensional structure designed for polishing on metal
  • Agglomerate, for achieving a grained finish on stainless steel

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Reserve & Consignment Stock

We offer both reserve and consignment stock options to our customers where next or same day stock availability is an absolute necessity. To express an interest in one of these options please call on 01273 463677 or email us at [email protected].

With reserve stock the goods are held on our shelf under special product codes, and these are then “reserved” for the sole use of the designated customer to order as and when needed with next-day delivery. Consignment stock is where products are held at the customer’s site for immediate access as and when needed, and they will only pay for the items which are used during that particular month.
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