Sia Rolls Cloth Siasoft 2951 siatur h size 115 mm x 10 m aluminium oxide grit 120 1/box

£66.54 +VAT

Medium to fine sanding of curves and profiles – Keying of primers and fillers – Intermediate sanding of varnish on curves and profiles – Suitable for sanding brushes
1 box.qty


Suitable for an universal and wide range of applications can be torn to any desired dimensions – High dimensional accuracy for profile belt sanding – Extremely adaptable to contours; curves and profiles – Application-specifically optimised belt joints –

Material used on:

soft wood|hard wood|resinous wood|wood processing|chipboard|composite|stone|body filler|lacquers

Ref:  15/6581.1109.0120/35.856/1/1



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