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Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

How To Achieve A Grained Finish On Stainless Steel

Which tools can help me achieve weld seam removal followed by a grained finish?

Stainless Steel Handrails and Balustrading

If joints are TIG welded and you want a grained finish, we recommend first removing the weld with a Fein Variable Speed Angle Grinder using unitized discs such as the Norton Vortex Blue Rapid Blend Discs. These will remove the weld and leave a smooth finish without creating any flat spots, after which the workpiece simply requires blending in with the original finish.

Although more expensive per piece than traditional flap or fibre discs, unitized discs improve the quality of finish and save huge amounts of time on the job. A single disc can remove the weld and blend the workpiece in one go, leaving the workpiece ready to grain straight away.

To then achieve a grained finish, we recommend a simple two stage belt sanding process using the Fein Variable Speed Pipe Sander:

Stage 1 – Create a consistent grained finish with a specialist belt for stainless steel from our ceramic range of belts, either the Norton R976 or the Nitro Extreme Precision.

Stage 2 – Blend the surface with a medium grade surface conditioning belt. A light dressing over the surface will remove any burrs and blend with the existing tube finish.

Stainless Steel Box Section

Often only 25 or 50mm wide, the main need to re-finish this workpiece is where welding has occurred. The simplest way to achieve this is using a Fein Variable Speed Angle Grinder.

Step 1 is to grind down the weld with a P120 ceramic fibre disc, followed by step 2 which is to refine the scratch marks with Norton Vortex Rapid Prep SCM Discs in medium grade OR the Norton Vortex Blue Rapid Blend Disc.

This will prepare the surface for step 3, which is graining with the Fein Variable Speed Angle Polisher using a 100x100x19mm keyway wheel. These can be either interleaved abrasive wheels or non-woven wheels and come in a variety of grades to match various finishes.

Large Stainless Steel Sheet Panels

The ideal way to create a uniform grained finish on larger sized stainless steel sheet is with a wide belt sander or a narrow belt (pad sander) machine.

We offer a wide variety of cloth-backed materials to suit narrow belts, and can make these in any size through our online belt calculator. We can also supply wide belts of various sizes and grits to suit your machine and application, both with an economical paper backing or more durable & longer lasting cloth backing.

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