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Tool Profile: Fein WPO 14-25 E Electric Polisher

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The Fein WPO 14-25E is an extremely powerful tool that works as a fully-functional sander, polisher and satin-finisher for cool machining of stainless steel. Versatile and multi-purpose, it can be used with a variety of different accessories and abrasives.
  • Extremely powerful even at low speeds thanks to mechanical gear reduction and FEIN high power motor.
  • Infinitely variable speed, ideal for sanding, satin finishing, brushing and high-gloss polishing of stainless steel.
  • Universal suitability as fully-functional sander, polisher and satin-finisher.
  • Excellent handling.
  • Spindle lock.
  • Available in both 110V and 230V versions.
  • Right or left-handed operation.
  • Restart protection.
  • Soft start.
  • H 07 industrial cable.
  • Dustproof ball bearing.
  • Carbon brushes with self cut-off function.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories available.


Input: 1,200 W
Output: 750 W
Sanding Pad Ø: 230 mm
Speed, No Load: 900 – 2,500 RPM (Variable)
Polishing Disc Ø: 230 mm
Mounting thread: M14
Cable W/ Plug: 4 Metres
Weight: 2.50 kg
Vibration Value 1 (αhv 3-Way): αh,P 3.5 m/s²
Vibration Value 2 (αhv 3-way): αh,SG 2.5 m/s²
Uncertainty of Measured Value (Kα): 1.5 m/s²

Recommended Accessories / Abrasives

Please note that these are sold separately and not included with the machine.

115mm M14 Backing Pad100mm Keyway ArborInflatable Pneumatic WheelM14 Tapered Spindle
Fein 115mm M14 Backing Pad For WPO 14-25 E100mm Keyway Arbor ImageInflatable Pneumatic Wheel 90mm Dia X 100mm Wide ImageTapered Spindle Image
For use with 115mm diameter SCM (“scotch-brite”) discs with a 22mm centre hole.For use with 100mm-110mm flap wheels with a keyway bore.For use with 100x289mm sanding belts/sleeves.For use with polishing mops & compounds with a tapered bore.
Norton Vortex Rapid Prep SCM Discs 115mm Diameter With Removable 22mm Centre Hole, 25/PackInterleaved Keyway100x289mm Sanding BeltsPolishing Mop & Compound
Ideal for blending & finishing applications; thick layer of grain provides long service life; resin system offers drastically reduced smearing and less rework is needed.
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Ideal for satin finishing/graining on flat sheets of steel, and cleaning and removing rust. Available in interleaved and non-woven forms.
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Ideal for satin/finishing, graining and blending. Available in agglomerate, SCM and Trizact materials. Use size 100x289mm (100mm wide, 289mm long.)
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Ideal for achieving anything from a “shiny” finish up to a mirror polish, in 2-3 stages depending on the quality of the finish required.
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