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SAIC Flap Disc

A Guide To Flap Discs

What Is A Flap Disc?

A flap disc is an abrasive product found in the coated abrasive family.
The discs are made up of multiple layers, overlapping sections of abrasive material or ‘flaps’.
These flaps are formed of a polycotton or polyester backing material to which abrasive grains adhere, these are then layered and bonded to a backing plate.
The backing plate provides stability to the flap disc and imparts its own unique properties to the product.

What Are Flap Discs Used For?

Flap discs are incredibly versatile abrasive products, available in a vast array of different abrasive grains and grit sizes designed to cater for all.
They are the ideal choice for multiple stages and processes within metal fabrication, from stock removal to smoothing out surface imperfections and deburring.

Benefits Of Flap Discs Over Grinding Wheels

  • Less re-work – A flap disc will provide much more controlled stock removal. They are often lighter and cooler cutting (less glazing), which reduces the requirement for re-work.
  • Smoother finish, no gouging – In the same vein, grinding wheels are extremely aggressive and can have a tendency to gouge the surface and leave a very rough finish, particularly when in the hands of a less experienced user.
    Whereas with a flap disc, the abrasive flaps are made from cloth or polyester, providing conformability to the disc, which reduces the possibility of damaging the workpiece whilst removing material effectively.
  • Fewer vibrations – As the flap disc is less rigid and has far more flexibility than its grinding wheel counterpart, fewer vibrations are generated when grinding. Not only does this make for a drastically more comfortable experience for the operator but it is also significantly less noisy.

Types Of Flap Discs



Turbo – Zirconia Poly-Cotton Backed Flap Disc. A stronger poly-cotton backing on the flaps makes these ideal for heavy-duty grinding on higher powered grinders of 1000 watts or higher.
Turbo – Zirconia Cotton Backed Flap Disc. Good quality zirconia, with a fast and consistent cut. Best for medium-duty applications, on grinders with power rated at less than 1000 watts.
Nitro – Ceramic Poly-Cotton Backed Premium quality ceramic. Great for stock removal, deburring and cleaning & finishing. Known for its long-lasting performance.


Turbo – Surface Conditioning Flap Discs. A non-woven nylon web flap disc ideal for cleaning and blending welds on metal.

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