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Sia 1960 siarexx Siafast Discs Paper 150mm (No Hole) Grit 40, 50/Pack

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Keying and sanding off varnish and paint – Sanding of solid wood and veneer – Keying and fine sanding of primer and filler – Sanding after wetting the wood surface – Intermediate sanding of varnish on surfaces and curves –
50 box.qty

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Suitable for an universal and wide range of applications – For manual use and use by machines – Fast and safe change of abrasive with siafast hook and loop fastening system – Fitting to long sanding boards used in boat building – Low clogging – Can be cut to any desired dimensions

Material used on:

soft wood|hard wood|resinous wood|wood processing|chipboard|composite|stone|paint and varnish|body filler|lacquers

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