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Black Air Line Assembly W/ 3/8inch Female Plug & Coupling

£39.52£52.68 +VAT

Assembly includes black air line with 3/8′ female plug at one end and 3/8′ female coupling at the other. For use with our plugs & couplings – you will also need a 1/4′ or 3/8′ male plug for attaching one end of the hose to the tool (depending on the thread of its air inlet) plus a 1/4′ or 3/8′ male or female coupling to attach the other end to the air supply outlet (depending on the type and thread of the outlet.) This will provide a complete solution from the compressor to the tool.

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3 Metres Pricing : £39.52+vat
5 Metres Pricing : £43.28+vat
10 Metres Pricing : £52.68+vat