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Sia 1919+ Paper Belts 150x6700mm Aluminium Oxide Grit 100, 10/Pack

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For Hand and handmachine Sanding – Sanding off paint and varnish – Keying of paint and varnish – Coarse sanding of solid wood – Fine sanding of solid wood – Keying of primers and fillers metal – Shaped and fine sanding of inner radii – Flush sanding of edges; edge strips and protrusions – Calibrating; medium and fine sanding of surfaces – Medium to fine sanding of solid and veneered surfaces – Flatting of edges and rabbets – Keying and dulling of primers – Intermediate sanding of varnishes – Final sanding to prepare for polishing
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Very high performance in heavy-duty applications – Robust backing and highstrength grit bonding for long life – Controlled scattering ensure a perfect surface quality – Fast and safe change of abrasive with siafast system – Shape-retaining; temperature and humidityresistant backing – Latest generation antistatic equipment – Perfect surfaces thanks to TopTec – Dust-free process low dust adhesion on the abrasive belt; work piece and machine thanks to the antistatic treatment – Controlled scattering and perfect surface quality – Universal all-round product for wood applications – Low dust adhesion on the abrasive belt; work piece and machine thanks to the anti-static treatment – Easy and safe to handle – Universal all-round product for varnish applications – Suitable for an universal and wide range of applications – Application-specifically optimised belt joints

Material used on:

soft wood|hard wood|resinous wood|wood processing|chipboard|composite|stone|paint and varnish|body filler|lacquers

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