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Belt Calculator – Sia 2503 Siabite Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Belts

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Product Description of the Belt Calculator - Sia 2503 Siabite Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Belts

For guaranteed performance on hard to grind metals
As specialist products for high-alloy steels and other hard to grind metals, 2503 siabite ceramic abrasive belts produce impressive results by offering high stock removal rates and long life and cut every step of the way – from preparation for welding to surface finishing.

• Grit type: Ceramic aluminium oxide
• Backing: X-Weight cloth
• Coating: Closed
• Bonding: Resin over resin
• Special coating: Cooling additive

• High removal rate thanks to ceramic grit
• Ideal for high-alloy and other steels
• Active additives with a cooling effect greatly reduce discolouration on heat-sensitive metals
• High performance on hard to grind materials

• Removing discoloration
• Weld preparation
• Surface treatment
• Deburring
• Smoothing and blending of flaws
• Stock removal

• High alloy steels
• Other metals with hard to grind surfaces

Data Sheet for the Belt Calculator - Sia 2503 Siabite Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Belts

Why Use Ceramic?

Sia 2503 Siabite Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Belts have a ceramic grain, which lasts the longest of all coated abrasives, as well as being the fastest cutting. This is due to the micro-crystalline grain which self-sharpens and fractures more uniformly to give more consistent performance, and works well in medium to high pressure applications. Sia 2503 Siabite Ceramic Abrasive Sanding Belts are ideal for even the most demanding applications where productivity and fast stock removal are key.

Ceramic is in some cases supplied with a "topsize" (also known as "top coat", or "supersize layer".) This is a coating which is sprayed on to the grit to act as a coolant when working on heat-sensitive metals such as stainless steel and exotic alloys, and therefore reduce discoloration or burning. It can however also act as a lubricant to help reduce loading (where stock removed from the workpiece builds up on the abrasive and makes it less effective) on softer metals such as aluminium. The presence of a topsize does reduce the aggressiveness of the grain however, and so it is best not to have one if discoloration will not be an issue, for example when working on mild/carbon or structural steel.

Available in various forms including abrasive belts, velcro-backed discs, flap discs and fibre discs. Roloc discs, also known as speedlok, siafix, quick-release, and quick-change discs, are also very popular and often used for blending/removing welds and spot repair. Our Nitro Fast-Cut Ceramic Rolocs in particular are very aggressive and available as coarse as P24, therefore being useful for fast stock removal, while the Green Nitro and Red Nitro Ceramic Roloc Discs have a topsize and are ideal for reducing heat generation. For working on softer metals such as aluminium there is also the option of the unique White Nitro, which has a stearate coating to help reduce loading on the disc.

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