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MIRKA ABRANET – size 70X198 – grit 320 – 50 /box

Non-Catalogue Line – Please contact us on 01273 463677 for pricing. MIRKA ABRANET – size 70X198 – grit 320 – 50 /box


The original multifunctional net sanding material Abranet combines high performance and a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives making it a cost effective solution. Designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand its true dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment as well as a better surface finish.

Material suitable for

aluminium|hard wood|mild steel|carbon steel|non-ferrous metal|paint and varnish|lacquers|plaster/putty|plastics|body filler|hard coatings|soft wood|resinous wood|stainless steel|steel|veneer|cast iron|chipboard|copper alloys|brass|bronze|composite


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