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Sia 1815 siatop Siafast Discs Paper 125mm (No Hole) Aluminium Oxide Grit 40, 50/Pack

£17.99 +VAT

Performance-oriented treatment of steel; stainless steel and aluminium; Deburring – Dressing and rust removal Keying of large surface. Smooth grinding of welding seams and joints
50 box.qty


Fast; easy discs changing thanks to siafast hook-and-loop fastening system – Low force required for high rotary stock removal – Product for dry applications on mild steel; steel alloys; stainless steel and titanium – The low-cost alternative to fibre discs

Material used on:

mild steel|carbon steel|stainless steel|titanium|copper alloys|brass|bronze|aluminium|cast iron

Ref: ?37/3869.7936.0040/18.0225/50/1



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