Ceramic NitroDiscs 6′ (152mm) Dia. No Hole, 50/Pack

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Our New Ceramic Nitrodiscs can be used for the grinding, rust cleaning, edge grinding and
weld preparation of steel, titanium, stainless steel and alloys. The Nitrodisc is
a close coated Ceramic and Aluminum Oxide mixture polyester cloth.
Softer materials may clog the abrasive surface.
Preferred choices for use of Our Nitrodisc include back-stand and surface
grinding machines especially in component and hand tool manufacturers.
The strong Polyester cloth allows stable edge grinding while making sur that the tear
resistant Polyester will last during even the most difficult conditions.
Ceramic boosts performance from the beginning as Ceramic does not
require the same pressure that Zirconia does. Therefore Ceramic grains
start working from the beginning by fractioning themselves to billions of
small pieces of aluminum oxide blocks that both create a better and
scratch free surface. Life-time of the Ceramic is also an astounding 20-30%
more than that of Zirconia Alumina due to the tiny fragments that selfsharpen
through work

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